Founder| Director: Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University.


Deep-Performative Studio.

Artificial Intelligence > Deep Learning > Generative Adversarial Networks & Architecture Design

 “DEEP-PERFORMATIVE STUDIO” is a design and research practice, focused on employing deep learning strategies in architecture design. The studio interrogates the incorporation of the cutting-edge artificial intelligence research and how it is changing the design process of built environments.

The studio aims to push boundaries in the research of AI and architectural and urban design, towards data driven methodology, and augmentation (rather than automation) of the design process. We adopt a human-plus-machine model, to achieve new aesthetics and high performance in design.

Our work started with investigating machine learning strategies, employing clustering strategies to articulate the architectural design space. In further research and investigation, we moved to employ deep learning methods, in particular Generative Adversarial Networks in design protocols. Within our investigation, we develop two lines of research, performative AI and creative of AI.

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