Creative AI Ecologies | Augmenting Architectural Agency

Research project and a workshop, led by: Daniel Bolojan, Shermeen Yousif, Emmanouil Vermisso

In light of the observed integration of Artificial Intelligence within many industries, this workshop reconsiders the “Architectural Design Cycle”, proposing nested generative AI design processes. Rather than thinking about AI as a “closed” cycle of “input-output”, a series of complementary deep neural networks examine the potential of a logical continuity in AI-driven workflows for architecture, simultaneously challenging and augmenting the designer’s agency. The workshop will deploy AI creativity to tackle a variety of architectural systems, including formal articulation, structural logic, and enclosure responsiveness. Combining parametric and AI layers by means of “domain-transfers” and “representation learning”, two parallel iterative workflows will address design at different scales (Large, Small).

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